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Welcome in the BDSM-Artzone.

As i am german, this page is in mostly german language. Even if you are not too familiar with it, i encourage you to look around and enjoy yourself!

Erotic paintings concerning BDSM belong to the most imaginary expressions there are. Where else can fantasy run free without limits?
Under "BDSM-Art" you will find information about artists who have bdsm & erotic art in their repertoire. Also information about books, bios, sample pics and much more. Some hints for good books are one click away, just hit "BDSM Art or PinUp Art".

I collected more than 8.ooo drawings in the galleries. They are adult-protected by a password.

If you enter "Shop" you will find much BDSM-Comics and books in the Editions3Masques onlineshop, a good friend of mine.

At last: My favourite links are collected on the "Links"-page.

If you have the opinion, i violate against your copyright, please just mail a few words to me and i will take care of it.

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